3.2. Commotion in a refugee centre

One evening, there was a big commotion in a refugee centre of a German speaking country. A group of 20 North African refugees was very excited and emotional. The noise of the group talking loudly could be heard all over the centre. The young social worker on duty was surprised by the sudden increase in noise and went to see what had happened. Several of the refugees explained to him excitedly that one of their mates had received official notice that he would be sent back to his home country and that they were very upset by this. The social worker in charge was not able to calm the group down. The more he tried to explain the situation to the whole group the more the refugees became upset. The social worker was unable to manage the situation any longer. He felt he couldn’t get through to anybody because of the confusion in the room. Finally he called the police.

Why do you think the young social worker couldn’t control the situation? Please read the possible answers and choose the most probable one.. More than one answer can play a role in the situation.