1. Module information

Module 5 provides background information relevant for all scenarios described in the other modules. In each of those scenarios, in which police and security staff, coaches and trainers and other staff of integration agencies interact with foreigners and migrants, an intercultural dimension is present. Different cultures – values, attitudes, beliefs – meet and may create misunderstandings. Module 5 sensitises professionals to the existence of cultural aspects in communication and is therefore a crucial counterpart to the language – and communication-related Modules 1-4.

The aim of the module is to

  • give foundation content on understanding culture and to increase cultural awareness,
  • draw attention to appropriate segments of the cross-cultural research of Geert Hofstede, Fons Trompenaars, Edward Twitchell Hall, Alexander Thomas and the Globe Study,
  • illustrate the intercultural dimension through examples and case studies,
  • encourage professionals to consider intercultural issues in their interaction with foreigners and migrants,
  • give a series of behavioural recommendations, based on cultural dimensions, relevant to the Vocal in Need users.

The Vocal in Need intercultural Training Module consists of three parts:

  1. General introduction to culture
  • Definition of culture
  • Iceberg Model of culture
  • How to avoid cross-cultural conflicts
  • Prejudices and Stereotypes
  • Dimensions of culture
  1. Case Studies
  • The Bicycle
  • Commotion in a refugee centre
  • Individual coaching session
  1. Intercultural Awareness